real estate kitchen

It is important that the real estate listing shows at its very best. Clean, well staged homes garner more interest than ones that are not. Pictures have become the first showing, consider the following list as the photo shoot for the real estate listing approaches.


– Plant blooming flowers
– Put out fresh mulch
– Clean off driveway
– Put away garbage cans
– Take down all holiday decorations
– Mow yard
– Uncover pools
– Uncover grills
– Open deck awnings
– Check all outdoor light fixtures
– Put away all toys
– Empty clothes lines
– Arrange outdoor furniture


– Remove clutter
– Clean floors
– Vacuum Carpets
– Put away toys
– Remove all pet beds, bowls, and toys
– Check all lights (replace all bulbs as needed)
– Open all curtains
– Depersonalize (remove personal pictures, etc.)
– Make beds
– Clean off refrigerator magnets
– Close toilets lids
– Remove all toiletries
– Empty wastebaskets